THCORE: A Component Runtime for Service Oriented Numerical Software

Xiaoge Wang

Tsinghua University


In this talk, the experiences of developing component runtime for service oriented distributed/parallel computing will be presented. A prototype of the component runtime, THCORE, is introduced. The basic goal of THCORE is to provide strong scientific computing capabilities of multi-processor supercomputers to the end users who may only familiar with their desk-top or hand-held computing environment. The parallel numerical library functions are wrapped into service components and used in certain RPC (remote procedure call) style, and their parallel/distri buted characteristics are hidden from the user of the functions. THCORE implements both client/server and event/subscribe model of service components. Some design issues related to the efficient use of the resources in both execution host machine and network bandwidth. The management mechanism of the tasks and processors as an important part of the design is discussed. In this talk, we will also discuss a solution to the problem of efficient data movement. A nested RPC is used in to aid developers for distributed and parallel applications on a cluster of machines.