Designing a Dynamic Data Driven Application System for Coastal and Environmental Modeling

Gabrielle Allen

Louisiana State University


An application area of particular interest in the State of Louisiana is coastal and environmental modeling. The recent catastrophes in the southeast US following the triad of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma have highlighted the need, not only for timely and accurate forecasts, but also for improved coordination and information transfer between domain experts, policy makers and emergency respond ers. Modeling such coastal and environmental scenarios presents many interesting challenges for computational scientists. Accurate solutions will require multiscale atmospheric models capable of covering large scale global climate domains down to turbulent and other fine scale features within regional models. These models must be coupled with ocean models for circulation, wave and surge as well as with different ecological land and sea models. Coastal modeling motivates another emerging area of computer science: Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems or DDDAS, which replaces conventional self contained simulations with living applications which interact with and respond to realtime data from sensors, satellites, and other simulations, not just reacting to their environment, but effecting needed change. In this talk we describe the requirements and design of a DDDAS system which is being developed at LSU based on coastal modeling scenarios and deployed on a new statewide optical network and computational grid.