An MDA-Based Modeling and Design of Service Oriented Architecture

Adel Torkaman Rahmani1, Vahid Rafe1, Saeed Sedighian1, and Amin Abbaspour1

1 Iran University of Science and Technology, Computer Engineering Department, Tehran, Iran

Abstract. Traditional approaches to software systems development such as using tools and modeling frameworks are appropriate for building individual object oriented or component based software. However they are not suitable for designing of flexible distributed enterprise systems and open environments. In recent years, service-oriented architecture (SOA) has been proposed as a suitable architecture for development of such systems. Most current approaches in employing SOA are tailored to specific domains and hence are not general purpose. Therefore, in order to gain the full benefits of such technology, a more effective general approach to modeling and designing these complex distributed systems is required. In this paper, we present a model-driven approach to SOA modeling and designing complex distributed systems. In this approach, first the PIM of the business system is derived and expressed in standard UML modeling constructs and then this PIM is transformed to the SOA-based PIM by some transforming tool. After the SOA-based PIM is obtained, it can be used to generate PSM for a specific platform such as Web Services, Jini or other platforms. To make it clear how this PSM could be generated we will use Web Services as a target platform and the steps of this transformation will be shown.

LNCS 3993, pp. 578-585.

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