Design and Analysis of Test Signals for System Identification

Bo Liu1, Jun Zhao1, Jixin Qin1

1 Institute of System Engineering, National Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 310027 P.R. China

Abstract. For multi-channel process, due to disadvantages of the open-loop single variable step method, multi-channel test method is used. That means all of the channels are tested at the same time. In order to eliminate cross-effect of the different test signals, it requires that all the test signals are uncorrelated. Several test signals are introduced and analyzed. Based on two familiar identification methods: correlation analysis method and least-squares method, we put our st rength on the way to get uncorrelated test signals. A novel design for the period length of uncorrelated pseudo random binary sequence (PRBS) is proposed. Use this design method, identifiable PRBS signals can be gained and their periods are the shortest. Simulation results show the effectiveness.

LNCS 3993, pp. 593-600.

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