Dynamic Data Driven Application Simulation of Surface Transportation Systems

R. Fujimoto1, R. Guensler1, M. Hunter1, H.-K. Kim1, J. Lee1, J. Leonard II1, M. Palekar1, K. Schwan1, and B. Seshasayee1

1 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30332, USA

Abstract. A project concerned with applying Dynamic Data Driven Application Simulations (DDDAS) to monitor and manage surface transportation systems is described. Building upon activities such as the Vehicle-Infrastructure Integrati on initiative, a hierarchical DDDAS architecture is presented that includes coupled in-vehicle, roadside, and traffic management center simulations. The overall architecture is described as well as current work to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of this approach for a portion the Atlanta metropolitan area in the context of a hypothesized emergency evacuation scenario.

LNCS 3993, pp. 425-432.

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