The Research on the Method of Process-Based Knowledge Catalog and Storage and Its Application in Steel Product R&D

Xiaodong Gao1,2 and Zhiping Fan1

1 School of Business Administration, Northeastern University, Postal Code 11 00 06 Shenyang, China

2 Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd, Postal Code 20 12 03 Shanghai, China

Abstract. Efficient knowledge storage is for easy to look up and speed up the reaction. Knowledge resource library stored large amount of knowledge achieve, and it can be distill through all kinds of links. Technically, there are two concerns, one is to index through what kind of related strategy, establishes keyword controls, in order to apply the standard literature management tools, the other is how to adopt efficient storage strategies, in order to index and update the knowledge system fast, this thesis takes the operation process as a starting point, investigates the organization strategies towards knowledge classification process and storage, as well as provide a practice case based on research and develop of the steel product.

LNCS 3993, pp. 601-607.

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