DDEMA: A Data Driven Environment for Multiphysics Applications

John Michopoulos1, Panagiota Tsompanopoulou2, Elias Houstis3, John Rice3, Charbel Farhat4, Michel Lesoinne4, Frederic Lechenault4

1U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Special Projects Group, Code 6303, Washington, DC 20375, U.S.A.

2University of Thessaly, Dept. of Comp.Eng.and Telecommunications, 38221 Volos, Greece

3Purdue University, Computer Sciences Department, W.Lafayette, IN 47906, U.S.A.

4University of Colorado at Boulder, Dept.of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Boulder, CO 80309-0429, U.S.A.

Abstract. In this paper we present the design of a multidisciplined problem solving environment (MPSE) for supporting an efficient prediction capability for the response of multiscale interdisciplinary continuous interacting systems. This design takes into consideration information technologies, coupled multiphysics sciences, and data-driveness to steer adaptive modelling and simulation of the underlying systemic behavior. The paper describes the design objectives and software architecture of DDEMA in the context of two multidisciplinary applications related to material/structure design of supersonic platforms and fire/material/environment interaction monitoring, assessment and management.

LNCS 2660, pp. 309-318.

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